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A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls


Patrick Ness

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A Monster Calls Suffering Quotes

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Quote #1

She hadn't tied her scarf around her head yet this morning, and her bare scalp looked too soft, too fragile in the morning light, like a baby's. It made Conor's stomach hurt to see it. (2.35)

There's something horrible about seeing your parents as children, whether physically or emotionally. It's a primal kind of sadness and fear.

Quote #2

By and by, the king's wife succumbed to grief, as did the mother of the young prince. The king was left with only the child for company, along with more sadness than one man should bear alone. (8.10)

And yet, so many people tend to isolate themselves when they feel grief. It's another kind of invisibility, except that you choose it instead of having it chosen for you.

Quote #3

"My mum said we need to make allowances for you," Lily finally said. "Because of what you're going through." (10.14)

Lily seriously needs to learn to keep her mouth shut. Someone needs to teach that girl about filters. Yeah, we know she means well, but every time she talks, we cringe on Conor's behalf.

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