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Moon Over Manifest

Moon Over Manifest


by Clare Vanderpool

Analysis: Allusions

When authors refer to other great works, people, and events, it’s usually not accidental. Put on your super-sleuth hat and figure out why.

Literary and Philosophical References

  • Herman Melville, Moby Dick (5.22-25), (38.39), (42.12), (42.30)
  • The Bible (25.72), (27.16)

Historical References

You'd think, in a work of historical fiction, that there'd be a few more references to real historical people. But in Moon Over Manifest, the focus is much more on the fiction part of historical fiction. The author throws out a few names to help us orient ourselves as to what's going on in the wider world, but the town of Manifest and its inhabitants are what this book's really concerned with.

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