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Moon Over Manifest

Moon Over Manifest


by Clare Vanderpool

Moon Over Manifest Chapter 25 Summary

Chapter 25

The Walls Go Up, August 15, 1918

  • Suddenly, everyone in Manifest is showing symptoms of the Spanish influenza. Oh no.
  • Lester Burton, Arthur Devlin, and Sheriff Dean all decide to take little vacations away from the town, so they don't get sick, too. The jerks.
  • And finally, the county medical examiner puts the town under official quarantine. No one can leave or enter.
  • One by one, the townspeople start coming outside and washing off the make-up they'd used to trick the doctor and their bosses.
  • They all get right to work making Velma T.'s elixir, mixed with Shady's whiskey.
  • As they work, they share their stories about coming to America.
  • They had all been scared they wouldn't be let in to the country. When they arrived, they had to pass a health screening, and if they failed, they were sent right back home.
  • While the ladies shuck corn, the men build a few more stills, and Shady teaches them how to make whiskey.
  • Meanwhile, Velma T. has her mixture ready to add to it.
  • She's a little upset that her medicine never really worked all that well till it was mixed with whiskey, but she's willing to go with it.
  • Mrs. Larkin has stayed in town and disapproves of the whole thing. No one knows why she stayed, and they just hope she doesn't get them all in trouble.
  • They decide to use the huge baptistery in the Baptist church to mix the whiskey into the elixir. Mrs. Larkin is not pleased.
  • Shady leads them in prayer, and they start mixing.

MANIFEST HERALD: September 15, 1918

  • People all over America, as well as the troops overseas, are coming down with the influenza. And people are dying. A lot of people.


  • Ned's getting homesick, so he reminisces about stuff from Manifest—like one of his pals writing a poem—"Ode to the Rattler"—in the classroom. The war's getting him down, poor guy.

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