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Moon Over Manifest

Moon Over Manifest


by Clare Vanderpool

Moon Over Manifest Chapters 10-11 Summary

Chapter 10

A Bargain Is Struck, May 29, 1936

  • Miss Sadie's done with her story… for now.
  • And Abilene's kinda mad.
  • She tells her she wanted to know about her daddy, not hear a story about some random kids from 20 years ago. You tell her, Abilene.
  • Miss Sadie tells her that's what she gets for giving her the letter to divine with.
  • Then she hints, pretty strongly, that she'd like Abilene to get some ointment down from a shelf for her. She needs it for an infected cut on her leg.
  • While she rubs it into the nasty-looking cut (in front of a paying customer? Weird…), she tells Abilene that they need to settle the matter of her broken pot, which she had brought all the way from Hungary. Oh. Um… whoops?
  • Abilene tells her that if she hadn't stolen her compass, then she wouldn't have broken her pot. Is this gal spunky, or what?
  • But Miss Sadie says she didn't know it belonged to her; she just found it on her property.
  • Finally, Miss Sadie tells her that she can have her compass back if she'll do some odd jobs for her over the summer. Abilene agrees. (We're thinking those jobs are likely to be pretty odd, alright.)
  • When Abilene gets home, she takes another look at the fishing lure from the box.
  • Yep, it's called the "Wiggle King." How in the world did Miss Sadie know that?

Chapter 11

Likely Suspects, May 30, 1936

  • The next morning, Abilene lies in bed thinking how much she really knows about her daddy and whether she had just imagined him saying he'd be back for her at the end of the summer.
  • She decides to keep the fishing lure out on her windowsill, now that it has sort of a special meaning. Or a creepy one. Take your pick.
  • Heading down for breakfast, she is determined to make herself so useful to Shady that he won't want her to go over to Miss Sadie's.
  • Good plan…
  • But he's hung over and wants to take a nap. And besides, he already knows Miss Sadie's expecting her. (Dang.)
  • He was probably drinking because he tried to hold a church service the night before—and only one guy showed up. That's gotta hurt.
  • But even when the guy's depressed, he's still thoughtful; he found her a jump rope.
  • She asks him about her daddy, but she doesn't get much out of him. Well, he is hung over…
  • Right then, Lettie and Ruthanne come over to get Abilene to go scout around for the Rattler some more.
  • That reminds her to go grab a newspaper clipping she took from one of Hattie Mae's old papers. But she tells the girls she can't come along, because she has to go work off her debt.


  • Biggest news in town is the fact that a few of the local men have been buying huge quantities of calamine lotion. Ha.
  • Burt's Bottoms Up: an ad for the very best hemorrhoid medicine money can buy.

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