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Moon Over Manifest
Moon Over Manifest
by Clare Vanderpool
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Moon Over Manifest Chapter 30 Summary

Chapter 30

A Dying Breath, August 7, 1936

  • It's almost time for school to start up again, and Lettie's sad that they haven't found the Rattler yet.
  • Abilene tries to think of what Jinx would do to find out. Well, what else? He'd use some kind of a con.
  • She pretends to be divining from the note that was nailed to their tree, and then it hits her—the handwriting. (Maybe some of Miss Sadie's magic is rubbing off on her.)
  • They run to tell Hattie Mae that she should have a contest where people write in. That way, the girls can compare the handwriting.


  • Looks like there was a mix-up last week—Billy delivered some old papers from WWI by accident. So Hattie Mae has decided to hold a "Remember When" contest: readers should send in their memories from 1918, and the best one wins $5.
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