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Moon Over Manifest

Moon Over Manifest


by Clare Vanderpool

Moon Over Manifest Chapters 33-35 Summary

Chapter 33

The Jungle, August 11, 1936

  • Abilene is sitting in her bed, wondering about the last memento from the box: the key. Where does it fit in the story?
  • She hears harmonica music and goes outside to find Shady playing for some guys by the train tracks.
  • He was handing out coffee and helping them out as best he could.
  • Abilene realizes he hasn't been drinking all this time. Turns out he comes home all tired out and with bloodshot eyes out because he's helping these homeless dudes all night.
  • She thinks of her daddy and wonders if he's thinking of her.

Chapter 34

Remember When, August 12, 1936

  • Hattie Mae has gotten a ton of responses to her contest. Abilene, Lettie, and Ruthanne read through all the entries, and it helps Abilene fill in Miss Sadie's story with more details.
  • It's pretty funny stuff—you should totally check it out.
  • Finally, Lettie finds the one with handwriting matching their note. It was Mr. Underhill, the undertaker.
  • They assume he must be the Rattler. (Dun dun dun…)

Chapter 35

Miss Sadie's Divining Parlor, August 23, 1936

  • Abilene runs all the way back to tell Shady, but he's not there, so she runs to Miss Sadie's instead. Track star.
  • She breaks the news, but Miss Sadie's too sick from her infected leg to react.
  • All she says it that it was all a myth—and then she launches into her story again.

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