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Moon Over Manifest

Moon Over Manifest


by Clare Vanderpool

Moon Over Manifest Chapters 36-38 Summary

Chapter 36

Homecoming, October 27, 1918

  • Everyone is preparing for the town festival.
  • The sheriff is watching Jinx, and Shady decides to play a trick on him. He tells Jinx to meet him near the place they'd been selling the elixir.
  • Shady gets into the open grave they had dug for the dead pig and hands a couple of jugs up to Jinx.
  • But the sheriff catches them, and makes them give both to him. Aw, shucks.
  • After he leaves, Shady tells Jinx it was a tiny bit of whiskey—and a whole lot of prune juice. Nice on.
  • Suddenly, the sheriff's brother-in-law shows up. You know, the one looking for Jinx and Finn.
  • He says he's got to hang someone for the murder, and it might as well be Jinx.
  • Sheriff Dean doesn't want to give Jinx up at first, but his brother-in-law threatens him, so he shows him where Jinx is.
  • Jinx sees them coming and tries to run, but he bumps into Finn in the woods. Ugh.
  • Finn uses his old mean tricks on Jinx, trying to shame him into coming back to him, but Jinx refuses.
  • Then, out of the blue, Finn sticks a gun in Jinx's back, and tells him that Junior's death wasn't an accident: he killed him, and just blamed Jinx. (Well, duh—we already knew Jinx was the good guy.)
  • He's about to shoot Jinx, when they hear something rattling through the woods…
  • Finn lets him go, but the gun goes off, and Jinx blacks out.
  • The next day, the men of Manifest are lowering a casket into that open grave in the woods.

Chapter 37

Miss Sadie's Divining Parlor, August 23, 1936

  • Abilene's crying—she can't believe Jinx is dead.
  • She'd always hoped that Jinx was really her dad as a kid. But if he actually died, then it would be like losing him all over again. Poor kid.
  • Miss Sadie doesn't say anything until she can tell that Abilene is calm and determined to hear the story to the end.
  • Then she starts the story again…

Chapter 38

St. Dizier, October 27, 1918

  • The sheriff's brother-in-law notices that the gravestone doesn't say "Jinx."
  • Shady tells him that was just a nickname, but the sheriff insists on opening the coffin to make sure it's him.
  • Can't he just leave it be?
  • Sheriff Dean looks inside, and verifies that it's Jinx, so his brother-in-law leaves.
  • Once he's gone, the men stare at Sheriff Dean…
  • …who asks them where Jinx is.
  • He's okay. He was shot through the shoulder, but he lived.
  • Finn had fallen over into an animal trap, hit his head and died. He was the one in the coffin. And he was missing a foot.
  • The men don't understand why the Sheriff helped them, but he tells them it's because he didn't like his brother-in-law's cocky attitude.
  • Well, whatever—at least he helped out.
  • The town festival is huge success.
  • Everyone is friends now, and they're having an awesome time… until an army truck pulls up.


  • Ned Gillen has been killed in action.
  • Jinx is devastated.


  • Ned is thinking about home again and hoping for peace.

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