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Moon Over Manifest

Moon Over Manifest


by Clare Vanderpool

Moon Over Manifest Chapters 6-7 Summary

Chapter 6

Fort Treeconderoga, May 28, 1936

  • Back at Shady's place, Abilene gets out the box she discovered the night before and heads for the old, broken-down treehouse in his yard to take a closer look at it in secret.
  • Inside, she finds a cork, a fishhook, a silver dollar, a key, and a tiny wooden doll, along with a homemade map and a stack of letters addressed to someone named Jinx.
  • Abilene's bummed that it's not her daddy's stuff, but she reads one of the letters.
  • Uh-oh. Primary Source Alert.

LETTER FROM NED TO JINX, January 15, 1918

  • Ned tells Jinx he's writing to him from the train. He made the map to help Jinx understand what to protect from the Rattler, a local spy, while the war's on. (World War I, that is.) He also left him some mementos: his silver dollar, fishing lure, and key.
  • Back to the 30s. Abilene is excited by the mystery of it all, but right then, Lettie and Ruthanne call up to her.
  • They climb up into the treehouse and surprise her with some lunch. Well, golly gee, that's nice of them.
  • But when they start asking about the letters she's clutching, she gets all defensive and mean. Give her a break, she is new in town…
  • The girls are about to leave, with their feelings totally stomped on, but then Abilene makes an effort to be nicer and lets them in on the secret of the spy map. Three cheers for friends.

Chapter 7

Main Street, Manifest, May 28, 1936

  • Okay, so Abilene's not giving everything away. She only shows Lettie and Ruthanne the first letter, and the map—nothing else.
  • They realize it's just a map of Manifest, but they decide to walk around town asking people if they've ever heard of the Rattler.
  • Apparently no one has, so they start trailing Mr. Underhill, the undertaker, for a while. Good advice, by the way: when in doubt, follow the undertaker.
  • Nothing suspicious there—creepy, yes, but not really suspicious—so they head back to the tree house…
  • …where they find a note nailed to the tree.
  • It says, "Leave Well Enough Alone." OMG.
  • The girls are freaked out, but still determined to find out more tomorrow.
  • After Lettie and Ruthanne leave, Abilene realizes that she's lost her compass again. Man. This girl needs a fanny pack or something.
  • She walks back to the cemetery, alone, in the dark, looking for it. Talk about guts.
  • As she walks, she hears wind chimes tinkling, and when she looks over at the source—Miss Sadie's Divining Parlor—she sees her compass hanging among them. Whaaat?
  • She sneaks up to the porch and uses a big pot to climb up and reach the compass.
  • But she's totally startled when she realizes there's someone sitting on the porch in the dark, and she falls off, breaks the pot, and runs back to Shady's as fast as she can.

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