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Moon Over Manifest

Moon Over Manifest


by Clare Vanderpool

Moon Over Manifest Chapters 8-9 Summary

Chapter 8

Miss Sadie's Divining Parlor, May 29, 1936

  • The next morning, Abilene discovers that the bar in the saloon-half of Shady's home has a secret panel that can be moved to hide any traces of drinking. Whoa.
  • Alcohol is still against the law here, even though Prohibition ended a short time ago, but that doesn't stop the bootleggers.
  • Abilene is used to seeing alcohol, though, since she's grown up around a bunch of men going through hard times.
  • She decides to sneak back to Miss Sadie's Divining Parlor to get her compass, but when she gets there, it's been taken down. Talk about rotten luck.
  • She creeps inside to see if she can find it, but just then, Miss Sadie, the Hungarian fortune-teller, comes in.
  • You'd think she'd be all like, why are you in my house, kid? But instead, she offers to tell her fortune.
  • Abilene declines, but pays her a dime anyway, hoping that'll get her to cough up her compass.
  • Suddenly, she blurts out a request after all. She says she's looking for her daddy.
  • Miss Sadie asks if she has something that he's touched.
  • Abilene decides to see just how good this medium really is, and gives her the old letter she found at Shady's.
  • It seems to get Miss Sadie all worked up, and she starts telling Abilene a story about a boy on a train.

Chapter 9

Triple Toe Creek, Crawford County, Kansas, October 6, 1917

  • Now here's where the storytelling starts to get a bit complicated. This chapter begins the story that Miss Sadie tells Abilene. Notice how the chapter title has jumped back in time to 1917?
  • A 13-year-old kid named Jinx jumps out of a train and lands near a teen couple having an argument.
  • Okay, seriously, what is the deal with people jumping out of trains? Is it like an obsession with them?
  • So anyway, the girl storms off, and the guy, Ned, stays to mope there with the fish he just caught.
  • Jinx starts trying to sell him a bottle of "Eskimo glacial water" that he swears up and down will make him more attractive to the ladies.
  • The poor kid actually buys it—with the fish he caught. He tells Jinx all about the awesome "Wiggle King" lure he used to catch it with.
  • After he leaves, Jinx just lazes around in the woods, waiting for another train to hop.
  • It turns out he's got some sort of dark past, involving a death. His uncle Finn had told him it'd be better if they split up, so he's on his own now.
  • While he's lying around, Ned comes back, furious. All that "glacial water" did was make him stink.
  • But before they can get into a fight, they hear a gunshot, and run off to hide together in the woods.
  • Looks like they've run right into a Ku Klux Klan meeting.
  • Oh, man. This is not good.
  • They try to sneak past the loud group, who are all gathered around a huge bonfire.
  • As they walk, they overhear the men talking about how much they hate foreigners, and they see two of the guys take their hoods off.
  • Ned tells Jinx that the guys are Arthur Devlin, who owns the mine in town, and Lester Burton, the pit boss.
  • They're so powerful in town, they don't feel like they need to hide their identities under the white hoods.
  • They're talking about plans to rough up some of the Irish, French, and Italians in Manifest.
  • Jinx asks Ned where he's from, but Ned doesn't know—he came to Manifest on a train as a child and was adopted by the Gillen family there.
  • Suddenly, Jinx gets an idea.
  • He sneaks over to retrieve two discarded white hoods and robes, and he and Ned put them on.
  • Then they walk casually through the crowd, trying to make their escape. Brilliant.
  • But uh-oh—out of nowhere, Lester Burton is blocking their path.
  • Jinx thinks fast, stays cool, and tells Lester that the last KKK rally they went to was much bigger.
  • It's enough to fool Lester, so they head over to the outhouse. The outhouse? Really? Is this the best time?
  • As a parting shot, Jinx replaces the newspaper scraps they had for toilet paper with… poison ivy.
  • After this lovely little prank, they make a clean getaway.

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