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Moon Over Manifest

Moon Over Manifest


by Clare Vanderpool

Moon Over Manifest Family Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

Still, I liked imagining that the chain of that broken compass was long enough to stretch all the way back into his pocket, with him at one end and me at the other. (1.5)

That compass connects more than just Abilene and her daddy. How are Miss Sadie and Ned and Shady connected to them through it, too? And does having a connection like this make them family—all of them?

Quote #2

I remembered all those things about Gideon, but I couldn't remember if he'd said the words or if I'd only imagined them. Those words I'm coming back for you. (11.5)

Based on what you know about Gideon, do you think he ever actually said those words to Abilene? If so, why would he lie? If not, why would she be so certain that he was coming back for her?

Quote #3

"It's just that Mother doesn't feel she knows a person until she knows their aunts, uncles, and second cousins twice removed." (16.18)

When Pearl Ann says this to Ned, he gets pretty upset—the poor guy doesn't even know his aunts and uncles himself. As a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Mrs. Larkin is pretty convinced that you can know a lot about a person's character based on their family. But are Pearl Ann and her mom really all that similar?

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