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Moon Over Manifest
Moon Over Manifest
by Clare Vanderpool
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Moon Over Manifest Identity Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

"Well, I'm Abilene. I'm twelve years old and a hard worker," I said, like I had a hundred other times in as many towns. (3.14)

When Abilene introduces herself to Shady, it's clear that she's confident in her identity. It's not until later that she starts feeling unsure of herself.

Quote #2

Mind you, I don't really say y'all, but it's usually best to try to sound a bit like the folks whose town you're moving into. (3.15)

Abilene also has the ability to change her outer identity to fit each town she visits. But she's still sure of who she is; she lets us know in no uncertain terms that the real Abilene doesn't talk like that. And the way y'all talk is important to her.

Quote #3

"Y'all are the ones hoping to get noticed by the teacher or your parents for doing a good deed to the new girl. Well, I don't need no corpus works of mercy," I said, slipping into my new-girl-in-town way of talking. (6.37)

When Lettie and Ruthanne first try to make friends with Abilene, she doesn't take it too well. It's majorly important to her to keep her pride intact and stay aloof from these girls, hiding her real self.

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