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Moon Over Manifest
Moon Over Manifest
by Clare Vanderpool
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Moon Over Manifest Memory and the Past Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

"Oh, my heavens. How'd you get ahold of that piece of antiquity?" (3.37)

Hattie Mae thinks it's funny that Abilene has an old column of hers, but that is one powerful piece of paper. After all, Gideon was the one who wrapped the old newspaper around the compass to keep it safe, and what is this whole story if not a search for her Gideon's past?

Quote #2

What kind of purveyor of the future could only tell stories from the past? (10.5)

Abilene isn't quite convinced about Miss Sadie's magical abilities. And how about this: do the citizens of Manifest shun Miss Sadie because she's a fortune-teller or because she holds memories that the town would rather forget?

Quote #3

"It is time to reveal secrets of future and past." (9.42)

Miss Sadie seems to know that the story she's about to tell Abilene will change the future of their town. Does revealing a secret from the past really affect the future? How does it affect Abilene? And how does it affect Manifest?

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