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Moon Over Manifest
Moon Over Manifest
by Clare Vanderpool
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Moon Over Manifest Prejudice Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

"They call themselves the Ku Klux Klan and they hate pretty much everyone who isn't like them. If you have the wrong color, religion, or birthplace, they don't like you. Around here it's mostly foreigners they hate." (9.32)

When he and Jinx stumble across a KKK rally, Ned explains who the people in the white hoods and robes are. Want to know more about the KKK and their nasty ways? has plenty to tell you.

Quote #2

I'd heard of really bad things Klan folks did to Negroes. Mean, hateful, deadly things. I didn't know they were hateful toward white folks too. (12.19)

Devlin and Burton don't feel the need to hide their identities at the Klan rally. What does that tell you about them? Are they worse than the hooded Klan members, or is hate hate and that's that?

Quote #3

Every German or Austrian in the United States, unless known by years of association to be absolutely loyal, should be treated as a potential spy. (13.20)

Get this: this passage was an actual warning from the U.S. government back in the day. Imagine how today's society would react to an announcement like this. Yowza.

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