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Moon Over Manifest Questions

Bring on the tough stuff - there’s not just one right answer.
  1. Why is the story in Moon Over Manifest told in so many different layers: Abilene's story, Miss Sadie's story, letters from Ned, and Hattie Mae's newspaper articles? How does this structure affect the way we understand the book?
  2. Which is really the main storyline of the book: Abilene's or Jinx's? Why?
  3. In Manifest, everyone belongs to some sort of group except Jinx and Abilene. Why is belonging such a big deal in this book?
  4. What differences in writing styles do you notice between the various stories told by different characters? What similarities do you see? What does that tell us about these characters?
  5. The name of the town—Manifest—is definitely symbolic. Why does Sister Redempta have Abilene look its definition up? Why is the town welcome sign such a big deal? How does the town name reflect the stories told about it?
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