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Moon Over Manifest

Moon Over Manifest


by Clare Vanderpool

Moon Over Manifest Resources


Wanna Know How Vanderpool Was Inspired To Write The Book?

Check out her official book website. It's almost like another layer in the story of Manifest.

Author Page Galore

You got your blog, your bio, your interview—what more could you want?

Fun With History

Click on 1935 and 1917 to go through the Time Machine and learn more about the Great Depression and World War I.

Articles and Interviews

Based on a True Story

Tons of the stuff in Moon Over Manifest comes from Vanderpool's real life experiences. Read this interview to find out what's what.


Interview with the Author—in 5th Grade?

The school in Moon Over Manifest was totally based on Clare Vanderpool's actual elementary school.

Vanderpool on the Red Carpet

Chatting 'bout her ALA award.

Honorary Degree

Just giving a speech at graduation. NBD.

Book Festival

Here's our author, totally in her element.


The Lowdown

You'll never believe what Vanderpool was inspired by in order to write this book.


Lady in Red

Just hanging out.

Moon Over Abilene

There's our leading lady.

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