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Morning Song

Morning Song


by Sylvia Plath

Morning Song Resources


Short Plath Biography

Learn more about Plath from the Academy of American Poets.

Think Everyone is Happy to Have a Baby? Think Again.

Here's what the Mayo Clinic has to say about postpartum depression.

Confessional Poetry: It's the New Lyric.

Confessional poets took themselves oh-so-seriously. In fact, they made talking about the "I" into a new art form. Check out what the American Poetry Society has to say about the movement here.

Articles & Interviews

The New York Times Collection of Plath and Hughes' Work

The Times has its hands in just about everything, so it's not all that surprising that they'd have a collection of articles reviewing Plath's works over the years. What's really cool, though, is that they've archived their initial reviews of her works. Check it out here.

Recent Interviews with Plath's Husband, Ted Hughes

Okay, 1995 isn't that recent. But it's a long time after Plath committed suicide – and it's one of the most contemporary interviews about Plath's work out there. Here Hughes discusses his relationship with Plath and her work.

Critical Takes on Plath's Mental Illness (Version 5, 437)

There are probably as many theories about Plath's illness as there are about the death of Jimmy Hoffa. Here's Salon's review of her journals, complete with an analysis of her mental health.



Plath's reading of "Daddy" will send chills up just about any spine – ours included.

"November Graveyard"

YouTube's got dozens of Plath's readings online. Here's one of them.

Plath on Her Poetry

This is a fascinating audio clip, if only because Plath has a crazy combination of British and American accents. Oh, and she talks about the state of poetry in her time. Good stuff.

NPR Remembers Plath

A retrospective.


The Poet

You'll probably find this image on pretty much any book about Sylvia Plath. It's one of her most famous pictures.

The Poet II

Who would've guessed that an all-American girl could produce such challenging work? Seriously. She's wearing eyelet lace.

Plath and Her Kids

Ever wonder which children inspired this poem? Look no further.


Get Inside Plath's Head

With this collection of Plath's journals, you can take a trip into the private world of one of America's most famous poets.

Want More Poetry?

If our Shmoop guides don't have all the Plath poetry that you can handle, pick up some of her poetry collections here.

Movies & TV Productions

Sylvia (2003)

With Gwyneth Paltrow as Plath and Daniel Craig as her husband, Ted Hughes, this movie has enough pretty faces to make anybody happy. Check out the trailer here.

...and the non-fiction version

If Gwyneth and Daniel are just too much movie star for you, this 1987 episode of "Biography" might be your style.

Stay tuned… another Plath movie in the works.

Apparently Ten Things I Hate About You wasn't enough literary interpretation for Julia Stiles. She's slated to play the lead role in an adaptation of Plath's novel, The Bell Jar. Word on the street is that it's coming out in 2012.

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