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Morning Song

Morning Song


by Sylvia Plath

Morning Song Youth Quotes

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Quote #1

The midwife slapped your footsoles, (2)

Pretty much every movie with a baby in it probably has a scene like this one: baby is born and gets smacked into the world. No wonder the baby starts out screaming. The fact that Plath chooses a stereotypical image of first-moment baby-ness suggests that she's not going to be claiming that her baby is extra-special in any particular way. Nope. It's just a baby. A very loud baby.

Quote #2

your nakedness (5)

Once again, Plath resorts to fairly typical images of babies to describe her newborn. This time, though, the image gets turned on its head just a little bit – this newborn is, in fact, a statue, which is something slightly less dependent and helpless than other forms of babies.

Quote #3

All night your moth-breath
Flickers (10-11)

It's funny how one little baby can command so much attention, huh? But our speaker has moved from thinking about the ways that the baby interacts with her life to – well, letting that baby play a part in her life. Even though the baby is no longer screaming, our speaker is paying all sorts of attention to it!

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