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Mortal Engines

Mortal Engines


by Philip Reeve

Mortal Engines Questions

  1. What's the big deal with Municipal Darwinism? How does it tie into Social Darwinism? Is it beneficial for the world, or ultimately destructive?
  2. How does Municipal Darwinism compare to the way we live today? Think about large cities expanding, suburbia, etc.
  3. Why is Magnus Crome, the Lord Mayor of London, letting history repeat itself? Did he learn nothing from the Sixty-Minute War about the dangers of powerful weapons?
  4. Why does Hester want to be like Grike?
  5. Tom really wants to be a hero. By the end of the book, would you say he has become one?
  6. Where do you think Tom and Hester will go after the end of the book?
  7. If you had a choice, would you want to live on a giant Traction City? Or would you prefer the life of an airship captain?

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