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Mortal Engines

Mortal Engines


by Philip Reeve

Mortal Engines Resources


Predator vs. Predator (Cities)

The official website lets you take a sneak peak at all four books in the Predator Cities series, plus get a gander at the snazzy UK cover art.

Where Have You Been Our Whole Life?

Mortal Engines was published in 2001 (are you just now hearing about it?), but Philip Reeve has been around longer than that. Read his bio, and see what else he's been up to.

Movies or TV Productions

Chomping a Theater Near You

Will Mortal Engines ever roll into theaters? It's a perfect fit for a movie, seeing as Hollywood is a dog-eat-dog world. Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings) was once attached to the project.

Articles and Interviews

Q&A with P.R. about M.E.

There's a neat Q&A with Philip Reeve on his website, which answers questions like Will there be more books in the series? and Why is Hester so fugly? Reeve's answer may surprise you.

Casting Against Type

Hester's ugliness seems to be the topic du jour, and Reeve goes more in depth about it here. He also expands on other topics, like where his crazy ideas come from. On top of that, he gives a bit of writing advice.


Not Someone You'd Want to Meet in a Dark Alley. Or a Bright Alley.

Here's a short fan-made video of what meeting Grike might be like. Um, we'll be sleeping with the lights on now.

Would You Like a Ride in This Beautiful Balloon?

Tour the Jenny Haniver in this amazing fan-made render of Anna Fang's airship. There's even a toilet. But where does it lead to...?

In His Own Words

Although this interview is more about Fever Crumb (no spoilers; don't worry) Philip Reeve gives us a few juicy little crumbs about Mortal Engines, too.


Mortal Engines Meets Shakespeare

You can listen to a ten-minute audio clip read by Hollywood's go-to Shakespearean master, Kenneth Branagh. To flee or not to flee, that is a question Hester and Tom ask themselves often.

Steampunk Podcast

Listen to Philip Reeve talk about... does it matter what he talks about with that soothing British voice?


St. Paul's Cathedral... OF DEATH

Here's what the real St. Paul's Cathedral looks like. Now imagine a glowing ball of mass destruction coming out of the top of that thing. Scary, huh?

Cheap Seats

Cheapside, where Tom's parents died, is a real section of London. You know, it's actually very nice. We'd hate to see it crushed.

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