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Le Morte D'Arthur

Le Morte D'Arthur


by Sir Thomas Malory

Galahad Timeline and Summary

  • Galahad is conceived when Launcelot sleeps with Elayne of Corbin, who is disguised as Gwenyvere.
  • All grown up, Galahad arrives at Camelot and asks Launcelot to knight him, which he totally does.
  • Sometime later, Galahad pulls a sword from a stone floating in the river that can only be pulled by the best knight in the world.
  • He then departs with the rest of Arthur's knights on the Grail Quest.
  • Galahad occupies the "Sege Perylous," the place reserved for the best knight in Arthur's court and the one who will be successful in the Grail Quest.
  • At an abbey, Galahad gains a shield painted with the blood of Joseph of Arimathea, which has miraculous healing powers.
  • Galahad exorcises a demon from a dead body in a tomb.
  • Then he knights Sir Melyas, who is soon wounded in a fight. Galahad takes him to a nearby chapel to be healed.
  • Galahad defeats the seven knights holding the Castle of Maidens.
  • Afterwards, he boards a ship with Sir Percyvale and Sir Bors, which takes them to another ship where Galahad gains a miraculous sword with a history stretching to the Old Testament.
  • With his companions, Galahad rescues the inhabitants of the Castle Carteloyse from two brothers who committed incest with their sister.
  • Galahad and his companions arrive at a castle where Percivale's sister dies after agreeing to be bled to save the life of the castle's queen.
  • After this, Galahad spends six months on board another ship having adventures with his father, Sir Launcelot.
  • Once he and his old man part ways, Galahad heads to a chapel where a seven-hundred-year-old man named King Evelake is waiting to set eyes on him. He embraces Galahad, then dies.
  • Galahad meets up with Bors and Percyvale again. They arrive at the Castle Carboneck, where King Pelles and his son, Elyazar, greets them.
  • With just his touch, Galahad repairs a sword. Plus he heals the "Maimed King" with a spear.
  • The three knights see a mass celebrated by Joseph of Arimathea, and view the Holy Grail, which they take on board a ship and sail for Sarras.
  • In Sarras, the three knights are thrown in a dungeon for a year. On his deathbed, the King of Sarras frees them, and then the people of Sarras make Galahad their king.
  • Galahad and his companions pray before the Holy Grail every day for a year before Galahad asks God to take him, and dies.