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Le Morte D'Arthur

Le Morte D'Arthur


by Sir Thomas Malory

Gawain Timeline and Summary

  • During the war with the twelve northern kings, Gawain arrives at Arthur's court with his mother and two brothers.
  • In his first adventure as part of Arthur's court, Gawain refuses to grant mercy to a knight who asks it, then kills that guy's lady by mistake.
  • In his second adventure, the lady Gawain is protecting leaves him in disgust when he refuses to rescue a knight in trouble. Then, Gawain promises to help the knight win his lady, and sleeps with her instead.
  • Later, Gawain participates in the ambush of Sir Lamerok in which Aggravayne stabs him in the back.
  • Although Gawain tries to dissuade Aggravayne and Mordred from exposing Launcelot and Gwenyvere's affair, when Launcelot kills Gareth and Gaheris, Gawain swears he'll take vengeance on him.
  • He then persuades Arthur to go to war with Launcelot, and refuses Launcelot's offer of a peace agreement.
  • Gawain eventually fights a total of three one-on-one battles with Launcelot, but is overcome by Launcelot every time.
  • When the wound he received in his most recent battle with Launcelot reopens during a naval battle against Mordred, Gawain begins to die.
  • On his deathbed, Gawain writes a letter reconciling with Launcelot and asking him to come to Arthur's aid.