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Le Morte D'Arthur

Le Morte D'Arthur


by Sir Thomas Malory

Gwenyvere Timeline and Summary

  • Arthur marries Gwenyvere after meeting her at the court of her father, King Leodegran. She brings with her as a dowry 100 knights and a round table with seats for 150.
  • When Gawain murders a lady, Gwenyvere and her tribunal sentence him to life-long devotion to ladies as punishment.
  • Then, our girl banishes Launcelot from Camelot after catching him in bed with Elayne of Corbin, which causes him to go mad.
  • Angered by Launcelot's service to other ladies and his attempt to keep his distance from her, Gwenyvere exiles him from Camelot.
  • Accused of poisoning a knight at a feast she throws, Gwenyvere is cleared by Launcelot in trial-by-combat.
  • Gwenyvere becomes furious when she hears that Launcelot has worn the favor of Elayne of Ascolat, and instructs him to wear only her favor from then on.
  • But then she rebukes Launcelot for failing to show more courtesy to Elayne of Ascolat when her body shows up in a barge at Camelot.
  • Sir Mellyagaunce kidnaps Gwenyvere and her knights when they're out Maying one day, but Gwenyvere instructs Launcelot not to fight with Mellyagaunce after he proclaims he's changed his mind about kidnapping her.
  • While spending the night in Mellyagaunce's castle, Gwenyvere passes the evening in bed with Launcelot, during which time Launcelot's wounds bloody the bed.
  • So Mellyagaunce accuses Gwenyvere of sleeping with one of her wounded knights, and Launcelot clears her of the charge in trial-by-combat.
  • Their secret is found out eventually, though, and Gwenyvere is accused of treason when Aggravayne catches Launcelot in her bedchamber.
  • Launcelot rescues Gwenyvere as she's about to be burned at the stake, then returns her to Arthur.
  • When Mordred tries to force Gwenyvere to marry her, she barricades herself in a tower.
  • After Arthur's death, Gwenyvere takes the veil and dies in a nunnery.