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Le Morte D'Arthur

Le Morte D'Arthur


by Sir Thomas Malory

Isode Timeline and Summary

  • Isode heals Trystram of his battle-wounds and declares herself to be Trystram's lady.
  • She is relieved when Trystram defeats Sir Palomydes in a battle to determine whether or not he can marry her.
  • Isode travels to Cornwall to marry King Mark when her father gives her to Trystram to dispose of as he chooses.
  • King Mark says that Isode must allow Sir Palomydes to kidnap her in exchange for his return of her handmaid – excuse me? Trystram rescues her.
  • Isode carries on a secret affair with Trystram, then hides in the forest with him the first time they are discovered.
  • Her response to Trystram's brother-in-law's love-letters, causes Trystram to go mad for a while when he discovers them.
  • After king Mark discovered them for the third time and attempts to imprison them both, she and Trystram escape to England.
  • Later, Isode rebukes Sir Palomydes for defecting from Sir Trystram and attacking him, during a joust.