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Le Morte D'Arthur

Le Morte D'Arthur


by Sir Thomas Malory

Mordred Timeline and Summary

  • Mordred is conceived under not-so-great circumstances, when Arthur sleeps with his sister, Morgause, by mistake.
  • He manages to escape the May Day massacre, which his father orchestrated to get rid of the risk of losing his kingdom. Raised as a deserted child, he makes his way back to court at age fourteen.
  • Mordred defends Sir La Cote Male Taylé against the insults of a rude woman who doesn't want him along on her quest. Nice.
  • Then he participates in the ambush and stabbing-in-the-back of Sir Lamerok. Not so nice.
  • Joining Aggravayne in exposing Launcelot and Gwenyvere's affair, Mordred helps to ambush Launcelot in Gwenyvere's chamber.
  • When Arthur travels to France to invade Launcelot's realm, Mordred forges letters announcing Arthur's death, crowns himself king, and tries to marry Gwenyvere.
  • At the Battle of Salisbury Plain, Mordred gives Arthur his death-wound before dying of the wound Arthur has inflicted on him.