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Le Morte D'Arthur
Le Morte D'Arthur
by Sir Thomas Malory
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Le Morte D'Arthur Strength and Skill Quotes Page 5

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(Page.Line) [from Malory, Thomas. Le Morte D'Arthur. Stephen H. A. Shepherd, ed. New York: W.W. Norton and Company, 2004. Print.]
Quote #13

Than had Sir Gawain suche a grace and gyffte that an holy man had gyvyn hym, that every day in the yere, frome undern tyll hyghe noone, hys myght encresed tho three owres as much as thryse hys strength. And that caused Sir Gawain to wynne grete honoure. (676.6-10)

Gawain's mysterious increase of strength, which occurs from nine until noon, just might be evidence of the fact that this character has its roots in Celtic folklore about a sun deity, or God. But in this case, it also casts some serious doubt on Gawain's honor as a knight. It doesn't really seem fair that he should win acclaim for a strength that's supernaturally enhanced, now does it?

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