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Le Morte D'Arthur

Le Morte D'Arthur


by Sir Thomas Malory

Trystram Timeline and Summary

  • Trystram is born to King Melyodas of Lyones and Elizabeth, the sister of King Mark of Cornwall.
  • He serves as King Mark's champion against Sir Marhalt of Ireland, winning Cornwall freedom from tribute to Ireland and killing Marhalt.
  • Trystram travels to Ireland where the daughter of King Angwyssh, Isode, heals his battle-wounds and promises to be his lady forever.
  • Then he returns to Ireland to win Isode as a wife for King Mark. On the way back to Cornwall, he and Isode drink a potion that makes them fall in love.
  • Trystram rescues Isode from Sir Palomides when he steals her from King Mark.
  • After that, he must travel to the court of King Howell to be cured of a poison arrow wound by Howell's daughter, another Isode whom he then marries.
  • Trystram returns to Cornwall at (the first) Isode's request, then goes mad with grief when he discovers love-letters between her and his brother-in-law.
  • After recovering his sanity, Trystram is exiled from Cornwall when Mark discovers his affair with Isode. He travels to England.
  • In England, Trystram acquits himself well on the battlefield, and becomes friends with Launcelot.
  • Once again, he returns to Cornwall when Mark promises to treat him well.
  • Trystram serves as Mark's champion against the chief of the Sessoynes, ending their siege against Cornwall.
  • Mark catches Trystram and Isode together again and imprisons them. They escape on a boat and sail for England, where they live with Launcelot at Joyous Garde.
  • Trystram and Isode spend the rest of the story in England, where Trystram acquits himself honorably in many jousts.