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The Most Dangerous Game

The Most Dangerous Game


by Richard Connell

Sanger Rainsford Timeline and Summary

  • Fights in World War I, where he digs trenches. Good times…
  • Rainsford is merrily sailing to Rio to kill himself some Amazonian jaguars, when he falls overboard while trying to save his pipe.
  • Dude, just let it go; it'll kill you anyway.
  • He swims off to “Ship Trap” island, where he meets Zaroff, a sinister hunter who has strange ideas of a good time.
  • Rainsford does some fine dining with Zaroff, but then finds out he is about to be prey to this aristocratic whack job.
  • Through quick thinking, instinct, and the experience he gained during his comparatively rosy time digging trenches in World War I, he manages to elude Zaroff.
  • Rainsford gets back to the castle for a quick goodbye in the form of murder and then climbs into Zaroff's bed for a good night's sleep.