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Mrs Dalloway

Mrs Dalloway


by Virginia Woolf

Peter Walsh Timeline and Summary

  • Once again, it's a June day in 1923 (in case you hadn't caught that yet).
  • In the morning, Peter shows up at Clarissa’s house unannounced. He has a brief discussion with her and, oops, bursts into tears.
  • When Clarissa's daughter walks in, he quickly leaves, and then mopes around, reflecting on memories of being rejected by Clarissa.
  • Peter walks toward Trafalgar Square, then heads to Regent’s Park and falls asleep on a bench.
  • In the park, he watches a little girl playing with her nurse and observes Septimus and Rezia.
  • As the day goes on, he continues to have memories of Bourton and of Sally Seton.
  • In the evening, he hears the sound of an ambulance as he walks down the street, and he thinks back to walks he took with Clarissa around London.
  • When he arrives at his hotel, he has received a letter from Clarissa. That was quick.
  • He has dinner at his hotel, then leaves for Clarissa’s party.
  • At the party, Peter socializes with Sally, but eagerly awaits an encounter with Clarissa.
  • Finally, at 3:00AM, Clarissa appears in the room, much to Peter’s delight.