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Mrs Dalloway

Mrs Dalloway


by Virginia Woolf

Mrs Dalloway Resources


Read the Whole Thing – We Dare You

The full text is available online for your reading pleasure.

Take a Stroll with Mrs Dalloway

Well this is cool. It's a map that traces the paths across London of Clarissa, Septimus and Rezia, Richard, Elizabeth, and Peter Walsh. It has a great bird’s eye view of London, with different colored lines for the paths each character takes. Wow.

A Website of her Own

This site has all things Woolf. There's a short bio, some great photos, and links to other Woolf-related sites.

How It All Went Down

Check out this useful timeline of Woolf’s life, with links to brief discussions of her works.

World-Wide Woolf by Brenda Silver

Here's a fun article by the author of Virginia Woolf: Icon (1999), a great book about Woolf’s image. It turns out Virginia Woolf's face has been found everywhere from coffee mugs and tote bags to the feminist movement.


Mrs Dalloway (1997)

A film version of Mrs Dalloway was made in 1997 by Dutch film director Marleen Gorris, starring Vanessa Redgrave in the title role.

Rave Reviews

The 1997 movie got a nice review in the New York Times. Not too shabby.

The Hours (2002)

Mrs Dalloway was an important inspiration for Michael Cunningham's The Hours and its subsequent screen adaptation. In fact, Cunningham's title was derived from Woolf's original title for Mrs Dalloway. The Hours is set in 1990s New York but has many major parallels to Woolf’s novel; and bonus, Nicole Kidman won Best Actress for playing Woolf (and daring to make herself unattractive for the part).

Historical Documents

"Modern Fiction" by Virginia Woolf

An essay by Woolf that offers insight into her likes and dislikes in literature. She even dishes on other authors.

They Liked it Even Then

The original New York Times review of the novel praises Woolf’s use of language and her original contribution to literature, but overlooks the psychological damage of the characters. They could have used some help from Shmoop.

An Inspiration

Check out this letter that Virginia Woolf wrote to an aspiring young poet.


A Closer Look

The first part of a documentary about Mrs. Woolf.

Home Sweet Home

Take a look at Virginia Woolf's country home (perhaps the inspiration for Mrs. Dalloway's memories of Bourton?)


From the Horse's Mouth

Listen to Virginia Woolf's voice as she talks about literature.


Pretty, Pretty Profile

One of the most famous and elegant images of Woolf, taken in 1902 by George Charles Beresford.

Picture This

A gallery of Woolf photographs, including images of her original manuscripts and correspondence. Neat!

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