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Mrs Dalloway

Mrs Dalloway


by Virginia Woolf

Septimus Warren Smith Timeline and Summary

  • Septimus walks down Bond Street with Lucrezia and, along with everyone else around, hears the explosion sound of a motor car.
  • The couple then goes to Regent’s Park. They watch an airplane fly overhead, and Septimus has visions of Evans, the friend he lost in war.
  • Septimus begins to talks about how people are wicked. Rezia responds by urging him to go to his doctor’s appointment.
  • In his madness, he hallucinates that he’s seeing Evans, but it’s really Peter Walsh.
  • Septimus and Rezia eventually return to their apartment. Along the way, an omniscient narrator talks about Septimus' motivation to join the war in the first place (to become a man and a hero).
  • Poor Septimus finally has his appointment with Sir William Bradshaw, who thinks he should go into one of his psychiatric homes.
  • Later that day, he sits in his house while Rezia makes a hat. He watches the sunlight on the walls and enjoys his conversation with his wife.
  • Just then, Dr Holmes enters the home. Septimus thinks it’s Sir William Bradshaw coming to get him, and before anyone can stop him, he jumps out the window and kills himself.