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Mrs Dalloway
Mrs Dalloway
by Virginia Woolf
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Mrs Dalloway Time Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

[…] perhaps at midnight, when all boundaries are lost, the country reverts to its ancient shape, as the Romans saw it, lying cloudy, when they landed, and the hills had no names and rivers wound they knew not where – such was her darkness. (1.69)

For all of its tradition, England also has something timeless to it. Clarissa imagines that at night, all of London’s busy streets disappear and the city looks like it did way back during the Roman Empire.

Quote #5

[…] one must pay back from this secret deposit of exquisite moments […]. (2.2)

Though Clarissa has a general fear of time, she cherishes individual moments. She feels that pleasure isn’t free: one must appreciate and "pay back" those who help provide such things.

Quote #6

[…] but she feared time itself, and read on Lady Bruton's face, as if it had been a dial cut in impassive stone, the dwindling of life; how year by year her share was sliced […]. (2.8)

To Clarissa, Lady Bruton represents the British past, customs, and tradition. Her face wears time in a frightening way though, as her aging reminds Clarissa of her own inevitable death.

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