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Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing

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Much Ado About Nothing Transformation Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Act.Scene.Line). Line numbers correspond to the Riverside edition.

Quote #7

My lord, for your many
courtesies I thank you. I must discontinue your company. (5.1.188)

This is a decisive move for Benedick; as it is the moment when he explicitly breaks company with Don Pedro shows a public transformation in his allegiance.

Quote #8

Sweet Prince, let me go no farther to mine answer. Do you
hear me, and let this Count kill me. I have deceived even your
very eyes. What your wisdoms could not discover, these shallow
fools have brought to light, who in the night overheard me
confessing to this man, how Don John your brother incensed me to
slander the Lady Hero; how you were brought into the orchard and
saw me court Margaret in Hero's garments; how you disgrac'd her
when you should marry her. My villany they have upon record,
which I had rather seal with my death than repeat over to my
shame. The lady is dead upon mine and my master's false
accusation; and briefly, I desire nothing but the reward of a
villain. (5.1.230)

Borachio transforms from a villain into a courageous man willing to accept his guilt and pay for his crimes. The seriousness of his crimes – resulting in the supposed death of Hero – has brought about this tremendous change. Interesting that it didn’t bring about a similar transformation in Claudio who later tries to weasel his way out of punishment.

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