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Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express


by Agatha Christie

Hercule Poirot Timeline and Summary

  • Poirot boards a train out of Syria.
  • He arrives in Stamboul, planning to take a vacation there.
  • There is a telegram waiting for him at his hotel, calling him back to London immediately.
  • Poirot boards the Simplon Orient Express.
  • Mr. Ratchett asks Poirot to help guard him. Poirot says no.
  • Poirot hears someone speaking in Ratchett's room at 12:37 a.m.
  • He peeks out of his door and sees a woman in a red kimono in the hall.
  • M. Bouc informs Poirot that Ratchett has been murdered.
  • He asks Poirot to take over the investigation.
  • Poirot speaks to Mr. MacQueen.
  • Poirot sets up his court in the dining car and interviews the passengers.
  • Mrs. Hubbard finds the murder weapon and presents it to Poirot.
  • Poirot finds the Wagon Lit conductor's uniform in the Swedish woman's luggage.
  • Poirot finds the red kimono in his suitcase.
  • The solution finally comes to Poirot.
  • Poirot finds out the Countess's true identity.
  • The Princess admits to Poirot that the handkerchief is hers.
  • Poirot interrogates Mary Debenham, whom he knows was the governess of the Armstrong family.
  • Poirot offers two solutions to the crime.