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Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express


Agatha Christie

 Table of Contents

Murder on the Orient Express Themes

Murder on the Orient Express Themes

Justice and Judgment

A jury is made up of twelve citizens who walk into a courtroom and decide whether a defendant is guilty or innocent. Murder on the Orient Express plays with the same idea. There are twelve people o...

Reason and Logic

Reason and logic are detective Hercule Poirot's weapons of choice. Poirot relies upon his insight into human nature, his powers of observation, and the deductive method in order to get to the truth...

Visions of America

Though Murder on the Orient Express is set on a train hurtling across Europe, America plays a central role in the novel. The Armstrong household, which existed in America, is temporarily recreated...

Foreignness and 'the Other'

The cast of characters riding the Orient Express is incredibly diverse – and nearly every passenger has a pretty firm opinion about everyone else. The French suspect the Italians, the British are...

Lies and Deceit

This novel is one big lie! Poirot eventually discovers that all of the characters in it are putting him on and acting out their parts to cover up the murder. But wait. Aren't all novels made up? Su...

Modernization and Technology

One of the most fascinating aspects of Christie's novels is the period in which they are set: usually the years between the two World Wars. The world is changing rapidly during this time. There are...


That whole "things are not always what they seem" thing goes double for Murder on the Orient Express. Since we know the murder was committed by someone on the train car, we know that someone must b...

Good and Evil

Let's get one thing straight: Ratchett, the villainous kidnapper and murderer, is an evil, evil, EVIL man. Like, really evil. Poirot sees it the first minute he lays eyes on Ratchett. Weirdly enoug...

Strength and Skill

Poirot is world famous for the strength of his "little grey cells" and his skill of detection. In Murder on the Orient Express, though, Poirot is up against some pretty strong and skilled minds. Th...

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