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To-Do List

Our intrepid Shmoop team managed to make off with one of the papers on top of Mut's desk in her royal offices. Upon examination, it was discovered to be a to-do list, penned in Mut's perfect hieroglyphs.


  • Order the moon pies for Khonsu's birthday party next weekend.
  • Send Amunhotep III a thank-you letter for the last dozen Sekhmet-Mut statues.
  • Try on new crowns.
  • Dance practice, 4:00PM Luxor beach
  • National security meeting with Djehutymose and Huy. Bring lunch and the Kushite battle plans.
  • Watch the films in the queue before Amun-Ra gets home.
  • Dinner with Hathor and Horus the Elder? Find out when A is leaving Karnak.


  • Make an appearance at Hatshepsut's new chapel. Bring the vulture headdress.
  • Sit for the Luxor Temple carving. Wear the red dress.
  • Delegation from Crete arrives on III Shomu 10! Make sure everything is perfect.
  • Ask if Khonsu has summer school.
  • Do we have tickets for the Beautiful Reunion? Call Hathor and check!
  • Renew gym membership.
  • Read through dossiers on the Hittites and return Thoth's call about them.


  • Find someone to train new chantresses. Make sure she can sing this time!
  • Get someone to convince Amunhotep III to stop sending us Sekhmet-Mut statues before we run out of room.
  • New paintings in the bedroom before Opet Festival.
  • Who's going to write the peace treaty with the Hittites?
  • Clearing out the storage lockers in Karnak's first pylon.

The back side of the papyrus is covered in what appears to be grocery lists and a detailed list of clothes and accessories to buy at the Aswan Mall, complete with a detailed budget.

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