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Interview with Mut

Our intrepid Shmoop team managed to make off with one of the papers on top of Mut's desk in her royal offices. Upon examination, it was discovered to be a to-do list, penned in Mut's perfect hieroglyphs.


  • Order the moon pies for Khonsu's birthday party next weekend.
  • Send Amunhotep III a thank-you letter for the last dozen Sekhmet-Mut statues.
  • Try on new crowns.
  • Dance practice, 4:00PM Luxor beach
  • National security meeting with Djehutymose and Huy. Bring lunch and the Kushite battle plans.
  • Watch the films in the queue before Amun-Ra gets home.
  • Dinner with Hathor and Horus the Elder? Find out when A is leaving Karnak.


  • Make an appearance at Hatshepsut's new chapel. Bring the vulture headdress.
  • Sit for the Luxor Temple carving. Wear the red dress.
  • Delegation from Crete arrives on III Shomu 10! Make sure everything is perfect.
  • Ask if Khonsu has summer school.
  • Do we have tickets for the Beautiful Reunion? Call Hathor and check!
  • Renew gym membership.
  • Read through dossiers on the Hittites and return Thoth's call about them.


  • Find someone to train new chantresses. Make sure she can sing this time!
  • Get someone to convince Amunhotep III to stop sending us Sekhmet-Mut statues before we run out of room.
  • New paintings in the bedroom before Opet Festival.
  • Who's going to write the peace treaty with the Hittites?
  • Clearing out the storage lockers in Karnak's first pylon.

The back side of the papyrus is covered in what appears to be grocery lists and a detailed list of clothes and accessories to buy at the Aswan Mall, complete with a detailed budget.

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