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Mut Photos

Where's His Head?
This beautiful statue of Amun-Ra and me used to be in our temple. Now it's in a museum. Who took my sweetie's head? (And did they get his arm, too? Grrrrr.) [Statue of Nefertari and Ramses II as Mut and Amun-Ra, ca. 1303-1213 BCE. Photo 2005 by Neithsabes.]

The Family Bronzes
Here I am with Amun-Ra and Khonsu. Not very happy to be in a museum case, but at least they kept us together.
Bronze statues of Amun-Ra, Mut, and Khonsu (Theban triad), ca. 650-30BCE. Photo 2008 by Neithsabes

How Many of These Do I Really Need?
<strong>Will someone PLEASE tell Amunhotep III to stop making Sekhmet-Mut statues? We've got so many of them now that we're shipping them to museums just to make room!</strong>
[Statues of Sekhmet-Mut from the Mut Precinct, Karnak Temple, ca. 1386-1349 BCE. Photo 2005 by Neithsabes.]

A Day at the Beach
<strong>Wish my statues weren't all broken, but the sacred lake's still pretty, isn't it?</strong>
[Sekhmet-Mut statues around the sacred lake (Isheru) inside the Mut Precinct at Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt. Photo 2005 by Sebi.]

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