My Ántonia
My Ántonia
by Willa Cather

My Ántonia Learning Guide: Table of Contents

Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory
The Lone Plough
The Nebraskan Landscape
Narrator Point of View
Writing Style
What's Up With the Title?
What's Up With the Epigraph?
What's Up With the Ending?
Plot Analysis
Booker's Seven Basic Plots Analysis: None
Three Act Plot Analysis
Steaminess Rating
Brief Summary
Book 1, Chapter 1
Book 1, Chapter 2
Book 1, Chapter 3
Book 1, Chapter 4
Book 1, Chapter 5
Book 1, Chapter 6
Book 1, Chapter 7
Book 1, Chapter 8
Book 1, Chapter 9
Book 1, Chapter 10
Book 1, Chapter 11
Book 1, Chapter 12
Book 1, Chapter 13
Book 1, Chapter 14
Book 1, Chapter 15
Book 1, Chapter 16
Book 1, Chapter 17
Book 1, Chapter 18
Book 1, Chapter 19
Book 2, Chapter 1
Book 2, Chapter 2
Book 2, Chapter 3
Book 2, Chapter 4
Book 2, Chapter 5
Book 2, Chapter 6
Book 2, Chapter 7
Book 2, Chapter 8
Book 2, Chapter 9
Book 2, Chapter 10
Book 2, Chapter 11
Book 2, Chapter 12
Book 2, Chapter 13
Book 2, Chapter 14
Book 2, Chapter 15
Book 3, Chapter 1
Book 3, Chapter 2
Book 3, Chapter 3
Book 3, Chapter 4
Book 4, Chapter 1
Book 4, Chapter 2
Book 4, Chapter 3
Book 4, Chapter 4
Book 5, Chapter 1
Book 5, Chapter 2
Book 5, Chapter 3
Jim Burden
Jim Burden Timeline
Ántonia Shimerda
Ántonia Shimerda Timeline
Lena Lingard
Lena Lingard Timeline
Mr. Shimerda
Jim's Grandparents
Ambrosch Shimerda
Mrs. Shimerda
Yulka Shimerda
Marek Shimerda
Mr. and Mrs. Cutter
The Harlings
Tiny Soderball
Peter and Pavel
Gaston Cleric
The Widow Steavens
Jake Marpole
Otto Fuchs
Larry Donovan
Anton Cuzak
Character Roles (Protagonist, Antagonist...)
Tools of Characterization
Man and the Natural World
Man and the Natural World Quotes
Memory and the Past
Memory and the Past Quotes
Foreignness and 'The Other'
Foreignness and 'The Other' Quotes
Gender Quotes
Society and Class
Society and Class Quotes
Visions of America
Visions of America Quotes
Love Quotes
Passivity Quotes
Suffering Quotes
Youth Quotes
Best of the Web
Module Quizzes
Module Flashcards
Quotes (What was Said)
Quotes (What was Said) Flashcards
Quotes (What was Said) True or False
Themes (For the Most Part)
Themes (For the Most Part) Flashcards
Themes (For the Most Part) True or False
Symbols Flashcards
Symbols True or False
She’s Mine and You Can’t Have Her
She’s Mine and You Can’t Have Her Flashcards
She’s Mine and You Can’t Have Her True or False
Willa You Pass This Test?
Willa You Pass This Test? Flashcards
Willa You Pass This Test? True or False
Study Questions
My Ántonia
Current Events & Pop Culture
Challenges & Opportunities
Assignments & Activities
Chew On This
Character Journal Entry
Facebook Plot Summary
Symbolism, Allusion, and Irony
Literary Devices
Why Should I Care?
What is a Novel?
Picturing Home
Sing It, Ántonia
Discussion & Essay Questions
Reading Quizzes
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