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My Brother Sam Is Dead

My Brother Sam Is Dead


by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier

My Brother Sam Is Dead Chapter 11 Summary

  • This chapter starts out with a wee bit of good news: the Continental messenger survived being shot by the British.
  • Once the doctor has fixed up his bullet wound and given the man some alcohol, the messenger explains what's been going on. Apparently the British Army is after some ammunition warehouses.
  • Meanwhile, the Continental Army dude named General Benedict Arnold has been hunting down the British Army. (If that name sounds familiar to you, it's because we heard about Arnold super briefly in Chapter 1. Hop on back there for a quick refresher.)
  • Sam is supposed to be in Arnold's troops. So this means that if the Continental Army comes through Redding looking for the British, Sam might be with them.
  • Just as Tim is figuring all this out, Captain Betts shows up at the tavern. Turn out the British army let him go (sadly, they've still got Jerry).
  • Betts thinks they should try to chase the British down. He wants Tim to signal with the church bells.
  • Tim gets moving but Mrs. Meeker isn't going to take this lying down. Get this: she picks up a hot poker from the fire and threatens Betts to leave her kid alone. Whoa.
  • Betts backs off pretty quickly. Don't mess with Mrs. Meeker.
  • Around dinnertime, Tim and his mom hear the sound of troops again. Turns out it's the Continentals this time.
  • Pretty soon, a few soldiers come into the tavern, and eventually General Arnold joins them.
  • Tim knows what this means: Sam might be in town.
  • So while the Continentals are gabbing and eating in the tavern, Tim sneaks out to find Sam.
  • When the brothers see one another again, it's a seriously sweet scene. There's hugging and tears and all that good stuff.
  • Sam tells Tim that he's been afraid to come home. He was worried everyone would be mad at him. Well, Sam's lucky because Tim is a pretty forgiving guy.
  • All the same, the brothers get into a squabble when Tim tells Sam that he should try to get their dad set free.
  • After a bit of chatting, Tim realizes his mom probably wants in on the Sammy-time.
  • So he runs into the house to fetch her and we get another sweet family reunion.
  • We also get another squabble, since Mama Meeker doesn't want Sam to stay in the army. Ah, families.
  • Enough chit chat. It's time for Sam to be off before he gets in trouble. Wonder when we'll see that guy again.

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