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My Brother Sam Is Dead
My Brother Sam Is Dead
by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier
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Character Role Analysis

Sam Meeker and Mr. Meeker

Sam is a rebellious tyke. He wants to join up with the Rebels to fight the British, and he doesn't care that his dad thinks he's too young. In fact, he's so rebellious that he'll even steal his dad's gun. Rash decisions are definitely in his wheelhouse.

Now compare Sam to his dad. Sure, there's the political difference: Sam is pro-America and Mr. Meeker is pro-England. But the differences go even deeper. While Sam is super rebellious, his dad just wants to obey the law and live a quiet life. He thinks they should show loyalty to the king, and that's that. Sam's desire to be a Rebel reminds us that his dad is totally cool if things stay the same. Looks like the Sam-apple falls pretty far from the Meeker tree.

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