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My Brother Sam Is Dead

My Brother Sam Is Dead


by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier

My Brother Sam Is Dead Resources


Well Hello There Mr. Collier and Mr. Collier

Learn a bit about the brothers who created Tim, Sam, and the stories behind the Meeker clan. Start with Christopher and then head on over to James.

Articles and Interviews

Christopher Collier's Got Something to Say, and He's Not Watering It Down

Take a look at this New York Times article about Collier's attitude towards history. We'll give you a hint: this man isn't interested in being politically correct.

It's No Secret: James Lincoln Collier Likes to Read

Collier had a favorite author when he was a teen, and his name is Thomas Wolfe. Check out what Collier has to say about discovering these books.


Who Fired the First Shot? Anyone Got an Answer? Seriously, Anyone?

My Brother Sam Is Dead starts out with a pretty incredible historical story: the Battle of Lexington and Concord. In the book, we hear the story through Sam's words. Check out this History Channel video on the battle to see if Sam got his facts right.

Sammy and Mr. M Duke It Out

Watch this short video to see one funny take on Sam and his dad's relationship. Do you agree with their portrayal?


Chillin in Colonial Garb

Check out this cover for My Brother Sam Is Dead. Maybe those hats should come back in style.

Where in the World is Redding, Connecticut?

We've dug up a map that lays out all the main locations from My Brother Sam Is Dead. Take a peek and see if you can figure out where Meeker Tavern should be.

To Verplancks Point We Go!

Take a look at this old-timey map of Verplancks Point, the trading city that Tim visits with his dad.

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