My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun –
My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun –
by Emily Dickinson

My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun – Resources

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Poetry Reading
A simple reading of the poem. Click the "Repeat after us" link to start the audio file.


Emily Dickinson Herself

The only authentic photograph of the poet

The Dickinson Homestead

The house on Main Street in Amherst, Massachusetts where Dickinson grew up.

Dickinson’s Bedroom

A picture of Dickinson’s bedroom, where she surely spent many hours writing poetry.

Dickinson’s Dress

A picture of Dickinson’s last surviving piece of clothing. A little creepy – we know.


Dickinson’s Poems As Published in 1924
A website with the poems published as they were in 1924. WARNING: As far as scholars are concerned, they’re defunct editions of her poems. Nonetheless, you can get a feel for them anyway. They’re free on the internet because they’re so old.
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