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A narrow Fellow in the Grass

A narrow Fellow in the Grass


by Emily Dickinson

A narrow Fellow in the Grass Sex Quotes

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Quote #1

A narrow Fellow in the Grass
Occasionally rides— (1-2)

The image of a narrow "fellow" lost in the grass is, without drawing you a picture, possibly a reference to intercourse. The mention of riding in line 2 only strengthens that possible interpretation.

Quote #2

A spotted Shaft is seen, (5)

Could this be a possible reference to the male anatomy? Some say "Yes!" Others say "Nay!" What say you?

Quote #3

Several of Nature’s People
I know, and they know me (17-18)

You may have come across the phrase “to know someone in the biblical sense.” This is a polite way of suggesting a sexual relationship. So, to “know” someone could mean that this group, “Nature’s People,” and the speaker have a sexual past.

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