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Nat King Cole, the original hipster

It’s not just today that big, black-rimmed glasses are strangely cool. They were cool in the 1950s, too.

The Very Best of Nat King Cole Cover Photo

This photo, taken later in Cole’s short life, captures the energy in Cole’s eyes.

“Nat King Cole Show” Portrait

For a while, Cole’s notoriety as a performer earned him a spot on television. Unfortunately, his variety show was cut after only 13 months due to lack of support from racist advertisers.

Nat King Cole Portrait

This beautiful painting shows Cole at his piano.

Nat King Cole in performance

While we usually see him sitting in front of a piano, here he’s at the mike.

King Cole Trio partying down

Cole and his trio played jazz together for years before Cole moved to a solo pop act.

King Cole Trio portrait

The trio’s recording career was successful and is now considered classic; Cole’s popularity in the mainstream, however, did not come until he left the trio.

Nat King Cole Postage Stamp

A 1994 U.S. Postage Stamp honored Cole. A letter cost 29 cents to send back then.

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