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by Terry Pratchett

Nation Chapter 9 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Rolling the Stone

  • Daphne wakes up from death. Mau is alive. Hooray! But he's cold and unconscious.
  • The voices in Daphne's head kick in again. They advise Daphne to give Mau a nice warming cuddle, and then help him move the Grandfather stone.
  • In the morning, Daphne's still hearing voices. Since these are the Grandmothers, they're more about baking cookies and giving hugs than Mau's cranky old Grandfather voices.
  • Daphne finds a little girl, Blibi, to watch Mau while she hikes through the jungle to the Grandfathers' tomb.
  • At the tomb, Daphne starts yelling at the rock before she realizes, well, she's talking to a rock.
  • Mau has evidently slipped his little girl babysitter, because he shows up. He and Daphne talk dreams, inventions, and the Raiders. (They're doing the communication thing a little better now.)
  • In order to move the stone, they would need ten men. Or, Daphne has the bright idea, just Milo and a crowbar salvaged from the Sweet Judy.
  • Done. They roll back the stone, and Mau, Daphne, and Ataba get ready to enter the tomb.

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