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by Terry Pratchett

Daphne Timeline & Summary

  • Daphne—birth name: Ermintrude Fanshaw—Is the sole survivor aboard the Sweet Judy, a ship that's crashed on an island during a wave.
  • Clever and brave, Daphne makes friends with the island's sole wave survivor: a boy named Mau.
  • Over time, more and more people arrive on the island, including a very, very pregnant woman, whom Daphne assists in giving birth.
  • When Mau passes out from exhaustion and almost dies, Daphne has to save him by allowing Mrs. Gurgle to kill her. Temporarily.
  • One day, Mau, Daphne, and Ataba rolls back the stone that guards the Grandfather's cave and go inside.
  • There they find a giant stone statue hundreds of thousands years old, proving Mau's people were some of the earliest, most advanced people on Earth.
  • They leave the tunnel only to come face-to-face with Foxlip and Polegrave, two of the mutineers from the Sweet Judy.
  • Daphne poisons Foxlip (accidentally-on-purpose), and smashes Polegrave's face with a bowl.
  • After Mau defeats their leader, First Mate Cox, in a duel, Daphne's father, the king, arrives on the island.
  • Daphne shows her father the wonderful island and convinces him to preserve it, its people, and its integrity.
  • She sails away with her father back to England.
  • Flash-forward years later, and we see that Daphne was a good and wise queen. 
  • When she died, they shipped her body back to the island to be laid at rest at the bottom of the sea, next to Mau.