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by Terry Pratchett

Foreignness and the Other Quotes Page 3

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #7

"There are different ways to eat people." (10.22)

Ataba illustrates the difference between the cannibalistic Raiders and so-called civilized people: there isn't one. Each group makes others a part of themselves, and we're not sure which is ickier. (Well, actually, the cooking-and-eating one is. But still. The metaphor works: assimilation is another way of destroying people.)

Quote #8

"You shoot at people without a thought and you call them savages!" (11.108)

Daphne makes a good point to Foxlip, who practically views Mau's people as inhuman. Think about all the people who put Daphne in danger during the story. Were they islanders, or Europeans?

Quote #9

[The bullet] hit the water a few feet in front of [Mau], trailing bubbles—and stopped inches from his face. (13.19)

The final confrontation between Mau and First Mate Cox is the ultimate battle between "civilization" (guns) and "nature" (water). Guess what wins?