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by Terry Pratchett

Foreignness and the Other Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #10

"No one is to take over anyone's country while we're gone, is that understood?" (15.80)

This is a funny line, but the fact that Daphne has to say this to her father's soldiers in the first place makes you realize how conquering new lands to them is as natural as changing their pants. You never can be too careful when Europeans arrive on your shores.

Quote #11

"Why is it always so, so... northern hemisphere?" said Daphne. "Turn the world upside down!" (15.128)

Daphne's trying to turn around her father's Eurocentric thinking. A lot of times we hear about the "Western world", but we rarely hear the world put into North and South terms (except for the American Civil War). Turns out, you learn some interesting things about the world when you do.

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