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by Terry Pratchett

Language and Communication Quotes in Nation

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #7

"How are you?" was too complicated because it didn't really ask the question you thought it asked. (9.106)

Even though Daphne and Mau are able to verbally communicate simple concepts, some questions are too complicated to be answered with words. That's why everyone always just says "fine" when you ask them this.

Quote #8

Below [the fish] were a stick man and a stick woman, drawn very crudely in red, white, and black. (12.104)

This image signifies that Mau and Daphne are the leaders of the Nation. Stick figures are universal symbols. Everyone understands them, especially supermodels.

Quote #9

"How can I answer you? There is no language. [...]" (15.44)

Mau has trouble answering Daphne when she asks if he would change the past if he could, because sometimes words aren't enough. We've all been there, right? Sometimes it's impossible to adequately express what you're feeling with words. That's why there is art, literature, and music in the world.

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