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by Terry Pratchett

Life, Consciousness, and Existence Quotes in Nation

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Quote #4

Sheep can't pronounce their bs but people go on saying [baaa] because they don't listen properly. (5.22)

Daphne makes a good point here. We've never heard a pig go "oink" either. It's more like "urahgagheagh." Oh, but the real point? People are sheep. And they're not even very good at being sheep.

Quote #5

A good shouting at somebody always makes you feel better and in control, especially if you aren't. (6.6)

Daphne feels much better after yelling at Mau, and he's man enough not to take it personally. We don't recommend trying this at a TSA checkpoint, though, because you'll learn pretty quickly who's really in charge.

Quote #6

People need time to deal with the now before it runs away and becomes the then. And what they need most of all is nothing much happening. (6.51)

This is a fancy way of saying "time heals all wounds." Of course, if you're running for your life or buried alive or something else horrible during that time, it's probably going to do more harm than good.

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