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by Terry Pratchett

Men and Masculinity Quotes in Nation Page 3

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Quote #7

"Even great heroes of history [...] wouldn't get down in the dirt because a baby was dying of hungry and crawl up to a pig and [...] YUCK, but... in a good way." (5.31)

Daphne respects Mau while also being revolted when she hears he suckled a pig—with his own mouth—to get milk for the baby. Doing what it takes is the mark of a true man. We can't picture Arnold Schwarzenegger suckling a pig. He's not enough of a man for that. Mau is.

Quote #8

Because what? [...] Because I must act like a man, or they will think less of me? (5.35)

Mau's worried about keeping up appearances so that his people will respect him. It seems like they don't really get behind a strong female leader either... Anyway, it seems that a lot of being a man is simply acting like one, whether you are or not. Fake it 'til you make it!

Quote #9

This warrior is fighting Death. (5.77)

The Grandfathers don't think much of Mau for rooting around in the mud and suckling a pig. But Mau did it to save a baby: he was fighting Death. You can't fight Death by killing. That's just fighting for Death. Mau's trying to save lives.

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